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libAfterImage is a generic image manipulation library. It was initially implemented to address AfterStep Window Manager's needs for image handling, but it evolved into extremely powerful and flexible software, suitable for virtually any project that has needs for loading, manipulating, displaying images, as well as writing images in files. Most of the popular image formats are supported using standard libraries, with XCF, XPM, PPM/PNM, BMP, ICO, TGA and GIF being supported internally.

PNG, JPEG and TIFF formats are supported via standard libraries. For convenience, source for libJPEG and libPNG are supplied with libAfterImage.

Powerful text rendering capabilities are included, providing support for TrueType fonts using FreeType library, and antialiasing of standard fonts from X window system.

Primary design goals of libAfterImage are memory efficiency and superior image quality.

Extensive documentation, examples, and XML image scripting tool ascompose, are included with the library.

libAfterImage allows output of the image on any of the X11 display, MS Windows DIB, or standard output, which is suitable for web servers.

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