libAfterImage (current version is 1.20, released on January 15, 2010)
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Documentation :

Compilation and Installation : After you download the code as described in download section, untar it and run the following commands :
./configure ; make ; make install
in respective directory. Note that to get shared libraries, you will need to specifi --enable-sharedlibs option to configure script.
Usuall condition of being root in order to install library applies.

MMX Note : libAfterImage will attempt to autodetect if your CPU has MMX instructions support. If you think that it has been misdetected ( you get Ivalid Instruction exception ) please use ./configure switch to disable/enable it manually. For example: ./configure --disable-mmx-optimization.

Included documentation : All the functions and data structures of libAfterImage, as well as inner workings explanation is available in supplied API reference.

Also, several examples illustrating utilization of libAfterImage are provided in apps/ subdirectory. Here is the complete description of this examples.

ASCompose utility : libAfterImage comes bundled with ascompose utility, that enables automated image processing using XML scripting. In fact this entire site has been designed using this utility. Please read here for the description of this utility.

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