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Image Blending screenshots
"The Burning Rose" This screenshot illustrates capabilities of libAfterImage to blend images on top of each other, using different algorithms. This particular image is composed from 3 other images: back.xpm added to rose512.jpg and hue of the result substituted by hue of the fore.xpm.

This is the default image rendered by asmerge example.
This particular screenshot has been taken on 16bpp display.

Text over gradient. On that screenshot diagonal multipoint gradient with some transparency has been rendered on top of at least 2 other images. Smooth bevel has been rendered around gradient, and text has been added at background and foreground. The text in foreground is flipped by 180 degrees using libAfterImage. Both background and foreground text was rendered, using smoothed X font lucidasans-24. As can be seen, the "stairs" effect on the edges of letters has been almost completely eliminated.

Semitransparent gradient Now that is just plain fancy screenshot to demonstrate tinting of the alpha-channel of the pre-rendered gradient, in order to make it semi-transparent, while blending it on top of the composition of several other images. Other images used are testimg.jpg, coming with libjpeg, RedBrush-Alpha.png coming with libpng, and IceAlpha.png coming with libpng as well.
Again, text has been rendered using smoothed X font lucidasans-24.

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